Thursday, March 8, 2012

I found it!

SO...I thought I lost my blog for a while because I honestly couldn't find it. HA! I don't know if I will keep it up still (I obviously haven't been, so what could make me think I will actually keep up with it this time), but I figured I would post something brief today.

Well, I'm 22...

...That's what the cake says anyway. My Mom is one of my very favorite people in the world. She made that cake for me. :) If you can't tell, which I'm sure you can't, it is a crack in which lava is flowing on. It is supposed to be some sort of fault, but I'm not completely convinced
that it is. Maybe instead I could claim that it is a lava intrusion, or some kind of dike, hitting the surface. And the black things with the letters/numbers on them are rocks. I kind of like rocks. Don't ask me why, because I don't have a very interesting answer. Most people don't find rocks, or anything to do with rocks, very interesting. Unless, perhaps, you happen to
be rock climbing...

I met one of my heroes not too long ago...Here is Bill Nye the Science Guy and me. UVU was fortunate enough to have him agree to come and talk to us about his career, and what he has been working on, and just

al he helped get on Mars. It was very interesting! I met him before his speech while he was setting up, he is a super cool guy and really nice to talk to. In his speech he told us a lot about a sundial he helped get on Mars. (So Mars has a sundial, and he is excited about that!) The Grande Ballroom was packed, everyone wanted to see him. No surprise there though, all the students at UVU are just the right age, we all grew up watching Bill Nye the Science Guy on tv.

And, another one of my very favorite people in the world. Mr. Weird Al Yankovic. I didn't get to meet him, but I
bought myself a front row, center, seat. It was one of the coolest concerts ever because I knew all the songs and I was surrounded by hardcore Weird Al fans (who else would pay $125 to sit up in front? lol). During his song "Wanna B UR LVR" he came out into the audience, like he does at all of his concerts. Before he went back up on stage I reached my hand out toward him and he even held my hand singing the line, "How'd you get through security? 'Cuz baby you're the bomb." Ridiculous, I know. But that was one of my greatest memories.

This concert happened at the Utah State Fair (which is not as cool as the Minnesota state fair, trust me, I would know!) sometime in September 2011.

This next concert goes pretty far back actually. Paul McCartney came to Salt Lake City, UT! This was sometime in the early summer of 2010. I could not believe he was coming to Utah! He had never performed in Utah,
so this was big for just about everyone here! I didn't want to wear any of the Beatles shirts that I had in my closet, so I bought a Paul McCartney shirt. :)

Very possibly more blog posts about this stuff later... :D

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Been a While!

I went to the conference center for the Saturday morning session of General conference! I LOVED it. While I was there I got this pic of the temple. I watched the rest of the sessions at home on my lap top and I knitted 2 is a cat and the other is a shamrock :) and painted this picture of the penguins...the whole weekend.

Karisa and I went to Wicked the next weekend. Before we went to the Capitol Theatre we went to temple square and took pics of us and all the super pretty flowers. Wicked was so great! I absolutely LOVE that musical! It was hard to get up to SLC that day though...Karisa was gonna drive up but she locked her keys in her car in a McD's parking lot while we went and changed into nice clothes...I knew we should have just went home and changed...Thankfully my cousin Sara and her husband Dave were able to pick us up and bring us back home and we took my car. (Later that day she had to pay someone to unlock her car...bummer!)

Here's a picture of the stage before the curtains were opened...I LOVE dragon and the map is pretty darn cool!I loved this block that a little kid drew and wrote on on the side of the theatre...they had a bunch of blocked where kids were able to draw pictures and write things about what they saw at the's one of them... :) I think they spelt "singing" wrong. hehe

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Visit to Arches

Yesterday, Taggart and I went to Arches National Park by Moab, Utah. It took forever to drive there. But we had fun listening to crappy radio. The one radio station that we could get was country...and neither of us are big we mostly just talked over it and ate cookies. LOL

Here's a strange sign I saw...twice...(I don't know why it was funny to just was)...
Arches National Park was so neat! I had been dying to go since I moved here, I finally got to go, and I had a blast! We drove around and saw some really cool rock formations. This was my favorite...Here's me in front of the weird balancing rock...
Oh...and then we saw a couple arches. The sun was setting so we didn't get to go around the park and see all of them. So we mostly just stayed in one area, and I took pictures while I still had the chance. Here are some more pics...
It was so much fun!!!

Anyway, today Sara and Dave's baby was blessed today. It was a very nice blessing and it was fast Sunday today so I got to hear some really nice testimonies from family. Baby Spencer is so cute. ;)

Oh...Karen got this really cute nativity from Seagull Book (not my store, but another location) that we've been selling for Sara, Dave, and Spencer. But she opened it and something was wrong...can you guess? LOL!!!

Happy International Civil Aviation Day, Letter Writing Day, Cotton Candy Day, and Pearl Harbor Day!

Monday, December 1, 2008


I have moved up to counter at Training Table and I answer phones and take people's orders. I love it. It is SO easy! Then when the Training Table hits a really slow period my coworkers and I just stand there and make fun of each other. I would have to say that this is one of the easiest jobs in the world. I basically just show up. I love it! The only thing I don't like about the job is that I come home smelling like burgers and fries.

Oh...I forgot. About 2 months ago I promised my mother I would put pictures up of my new cell phone on facebook, but I never got around to it. So here is a picture I just took of my new (not so new now) pink cell phone...
Happy Eat a Red Apple Day and World AIDS Awareness Day!

Also, December is...
Bingo Month and Write a Friend Month

Friday, November 28, 2008

They Might Be Elders

So I went in to work today at Seagull was SOOOO busy, although, it IS "Black Friday, so I expected it. Busy, busy, busy...

Well, we had an artist come in for a CD signing today. The CD as well as the name of his "band" is "They Might be Elders." He said he knows John Flansburgh and John Linnell from They Might be Giants, so his name is kind of tribute to his friends John and John. Steve Nunez, the creator of They Might be Elders, does parodies of popular songs that everyone knows and "makes them Mormon." They are pretty funny. ;) He also knows another parody guy...Weird Al! He told me that him and Weird Al want to someday have a concert in Salt Lake City. Steve would open then Weird Al would finish, because they both do parodies...except They Might Be Elders is Mormon music. Anyway...I just thought that this guy was really interesting. Really neat to talk to.

Here's a picture of some of the Seagull Book staff and Steve with his CD...(Steve, me, Dallon, and Christina).
So we had a BLAST at work today! Super exciting stuff!

Another thought...I'm not a fan of the whole "Black Friday" idea. I went to the mall at midnight (the mall in Sandy actually reopened at midnight...technically this morning...) and it was JAM PACKED! I'm never do THAT again!

Well...I hope you had a fantasic Black Friday, Buy Nothing Day, Make Your Own Head Day, Red Planet Day, and You're Welcome Day!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Happy Thanksgiving

Last night I went over to my friend Karisa's dad's house to watch movies all night. It was a blast. We ate hot dogs and ribs and we took silly pictures. I love hanging out with Karisa! But some kid across the street ruined my fun last night. It was dark, but he should have at least looked behind him before he backed his car out of his driveway. Well he didn't, and my car paid the price. The window shattered and there is a good size dent on the side of my driver's side door. Lovely...

Here are some of the pictures of the car that night. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture while the shattered window was still in place. There was shattered window all over the front seat of my car and on the street.
The cops came and did a police report and gave the kid a ticket for unsafe driving too. So that kept me up until almost midnight. So it was too late to tape up the window so we decided to deal with it in the morning. Well, it decided to rain all last I got out to my car the next morning to patch up the window and there was a puddle of rain on the driver's seat. A great way to start off Thanksgiving...

Here's a better picture of my car in the daylight. One without the plastic over the non-existent window and one with the plastic...

I have to thank Karisa's dad for the wonderful plastic window job. It actually doesn't look as bad as I pictured a patched up window to look like. So I'm very grateful that he was able to do such a great job and to help me as much as he did last night and this morning. The only problem is that the plastic kinda flaps in the wind, so driving down the freeway was LOUD! But I survived.

Well, afterward I went to my bishop's house with my friend Jessica and had thanksgiving lunch/dinner there. The bishop was so nice to invite us over to eat with his family. I had a lot of fun. We ate and played games. We played Clue and Cranium (the kids beat the parents in Cranium...we were pretty proud of ourselves).

Then around 6 pm the Wright family came over to the house. So I got to visit with them for a little bit. They didn't stay for too long, but at least I got to see everyone.

Today I am grateful cell phone (so I can talk to my family back home) (so I don't have to pay for my car or my hospital visit for my hand)...friends (who try and help me to always think on the bright side)...the temple (where I know I can go and find peace when I need it)...and the piano (I got to play it for the first time in a while today, it made me happy).

Happy Thanksgiving Day and Happy Pins and Needles Day!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lots went on this past week...

Ok, well last week on Thursday my friend Lauren and her husband Rodney came down to Utah for a day. They are currently living in Washington and I hardly get to see Lauren, but I got to make it to their wedding the beginning of October. That was a BLAST! Anyway...I hung out with Lauren, Rodney, and Rodney's cousin Chad. We went out to eat and saw a movie. Then we went to a Red Box and got the Spiderwick Chronicles movie.

Here is the happy couple...He already wants out of the relationship...hehe. They are so funny!

Here is my oldest friend and me, we took baths together and shared toys while we were in diapers! We're so close we swear we're sisters! Not the best was dark. I'm so glad they were able to come down to Utah and visit. When they move to Rexburg and go to BYUI I plan on visiting them every once in a while. I will have even more of a reason to go. Next semester I will have 4 friends up there that I've promised to come visit eventually. :)
Then on Friday night, I went the Stitt's house for dinner and games. Sister Stitt used to live in MN, and her family's basement is where I spent my time for 4 years from 6-6:45 in the morning for Seminary. Although...I was almost always late. But seminary was fun. ;) Anyway, they made potatoes, ribs, jello, brownies, and rice crispy stuff. It was AMAZING! A ton of people from MN where there. It was like a seminary reunion, plus some. After dinner, we took a tour of their house. It is huge!!!! Their front door looked like a castle door....and their neighbors looked like they had a moat. The Stitt's parents live in the basement which is like as big as my house. I wish I had gotten pictures of this house...but I will next time.
After dinner and the tour we played games. We played a game like Catch Phrase, but we made up names for we played a homemade "Name Catch Phrase." I kept getting Sesame Street names and couldn't remember what the show was it was hard for me to describe them. Then Ben, Taggart, Rhiannon, Brother Stitt, and I went and played a strategy game...Carcassonne. It was so confusing. Brother Stitt killed us in that game. It was a great night.

Saturday, I went to see Twilight. It wasn't my favorite movie, but I liked it! I am definitely a fan of Rob Pattinson. ;)
My Singles Ward it AWESOME! I'm making friends and getting into the activities too. We had FHE last night and after the lesson we had a pie eating contest. I got some pictures of the last round. It was so funny...Alan on the front left, Brother Martin with him mouth wide open, and Scott is the one in the back with wipped cream all over his mouth.

Scott won all the pie contests that he was in. I actually participated in the pudding pie eating contest. Me and Karisa Nielsen teamed up...but we didn't win. :( It was hard for me to swallow all that pudding. I'm not a fan of pudding...or pie.

And at that activity...I had an accident. I fell over and Scott fell over on me and my pinky finger got smashed. I went to the hospital to make sure it wasn't broken. It wasn't, THANK GOODNESS! But it was really swollen and hurt like crazy, so they splinted it up. It's hard to type with one less finger. :(

Happy National Parfait Day!!!